The tea industry and tea culture are booming around the world, fuelled by the availability of wonderful new teas on the market and the emergence of fusion teas, which are engaging a whole new generation of tea drinkers.

The growth in tea culture has created a huge demand for certified tea training; from tea enthusiasts interested in simply learning more about the wonderful beverage, to professionals wanting to gain formal certification and to improve the tea offerings.

McHughTEA Room feels very strongly about improving tea culture in Texas and we are delighted to have found a wonderful tea education body, the International Tea Education Institute (ITEI), to provide tea education from one-day masterclasses up to tea master levels.


McHughTEA Room is the first Accredited Education Center in Texas. We will be hosting 3-4 classes each year at the Tea Room ranging from Level 1 Tea Award to Tea Blending and Flavoring Professional.

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