ITEI Level 1 Award in Tea


Anyone interested in tea!  This is a perfect introductory course to understand the foundation of tea, different tea producing countries in the world, the popularity of different teas, culture and basic knowledge about tea, how to make a perfect cup of tea as well as learn tea pairing and proper tasting terms. Bonus health tips, cooking and blending tips will be shared throughout this fun and exciting day.  This won't "feel like class." It's interactive and there are plenty of surprises along the way!

It is ideal for those who wish to learn and discover a world of teas for either their pleasure and curiosity or to empower those working in retail stores, catering, tea hospitality or other positions in the tea industry. This class is great for tea lovers looking to boost their knowledge about tea including the various types of aromas and flavors it offers to discover their ideal taste.

The course consists of an intense one day class at McHughTEA Room, some additional reading and a final exam. The focus of the course is on the essentials of tea tasting, but we also look at tea as a menu item as well as tea and food pairing suggestions.

This foundation level course will build confidence when discussing, recommending, presenting, pairing and serving teas from around the world. 

The regular price of the class is $379. For our first class in Texas, we are offering this class for only $195. A light breakfast upon arrival and lunch will be provided for each student. Certificates will be awarded to each student upon completion of the final exam at the end of the day.