Organic Tea Descriptions

All teas are available in-store in 2 oz bags. 4 oz bags can be made in the store, just ask your server!
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Black Teas

Apple Mango Decaf - Our fruity, Fair Trade, naturally CO2 decaffeinated black tea is divine. For those sensitive to caffeine or avoiding caffeine all together, this full bodied black tea treat is just the ticket. Apple and mango have been artfully blended to create a beautifully rich tea that can be enjoyed hot or iced.


Bikini Peach Body - Looking to drop a few pounds before bikini season is in high gear? Our organic, BioDynamic Indian black tea is artfully blended with peach bits, apple bits and hibiscus to satisfy your sweet tooth while leaving you hydrated and feeling full. Zero calories means you can enjoy cup after cup of tangy sweetness without the guilt!


Black Beauty - This fine cut black tea from Tanzania means business!  With a smooth finish, earthy notes and a wake-you-up aroma, this bold black tea is sure to please any true, black tea lover.


Black Currant - Black tea blended with organic black currant flavoring and cornflower petals for a refreshing tea, iced or hot. This full-bodied tea has become a traditional favorite in homes across the country and is a perfect complement to any meal.


Black Raspberry - Refreshing burst of citrus and raspberries will take your breath away in this black tea blend. Served hot; it’s perfection. Served over ice, it’s alluring and earthy with the distinct flavor of fresh raspberries. This can also be made into ice cubes for a healthy treat with any beverage. Black Raspberry tea contains loads of free-radical fighting antioxidants and polyphenol. Drink up!


Black Rose - A Victorian tradition for centuries, this royal tea is pure passion in a cup. Black tea from China blended with rose petals and essential oils create a truly romantic tea experience. It is best enjoyed hot but holds up well over ice for a refreshing iced tea.


Ceylon - High-grown tea from Sri Lanka that produces a rich, full-bodied flavor. Ceylon black tea is famous around the world and is used as the base for many blends such as Earl Grey and other fruit flavored teas. This tea epitomizes the term “self drinker” for its naturally earthy flavor and smooth finish. This particular black tea stands up well to ice and milk to create interesting flavor combinations.


Cream Earl Gray - Lovers of traditional Earl Gray will adore the soft character of this smooth, creamy blend. Cream flavors softens the citrus notes of Bergamot blended with a lively, high grown black tea from Ceylon. This is a deliciously rich, velvety version of a classic! (Does not contain dairy)


Darjeeling - An all-time fav! Grown high in the foothills of the Himalayas on the famous Biodynamic Makaibari estate, this Fair Trade First Flush tea has a nutty note, mild greenness and is full of character. A truly smooth, satisfying morning cup with a remarkable finish.


Earl Gray (also available in decaf) - Traditional black tea and bergamot beverage is enjoyed by millions around the world every day. Our version is a perfectly balanced, Fair Trade tea grown on the Biodynamic Venture Garden in Sri Lanka. It has a defining taste sure to please the most distinguished of Earl Gray lovers.


English Breakfast (also available in decaf) - This marvelous tea is renowned for its full bodied and robust trademark taste and aroma. This tea has a long history and English Breakfast tea lovers will not settle for anything less than royal treatment. This fair trade black tea grown in Sri Lanka will certainly not disappoint.


Irish Breakfast - Grown in the Assam region of India, this single estate tea is robust, hearty and malty. Our Irish Breakfast tea is a Biodynamic and Fair Trade organic tea which happily takes milk or stands firm on its own. Loaded with rich flavor and aroma, it's the perfect beverage to start your day.


Irish Rum - Bold black tea with an intoxicating aroma, shredded coconut, wild strawberry leaves, safflower and natural rum flavoring create a delicious tea experience.  This is a Caribbean vacation in a cup!  This is a very relaxing blend that can be enjoyed hot or over ice. (does not contain alcohol)


Lapsang Souchong - This brisk black tea from the Fujian province of China is carefully dried over a pine fire and sometimes referred to as “smoked tea.” The drying process imparts a sweet yet earthy and smoky aroma giving it it’s distinct bold flavor. This tea is usually enjoyed hot but it does take ice well.  This organic Lapsang Souchong can be used as a meat rub to give your BBQ a little smokey zing!


Monks Blend - From the monastery tea gardens of India, this hand-crafted organic blend of four select black teas is a pure delight. This special blend of Darjeeling, Nilgiri, Assam and Keemun is smooth, calming and deeply satisfying for true, black tea lovers.


Pineapple Coconut - This black tea blend from China is infused with organic Pineapple and Coconut for a bold and refreshing flavor. This tea can be enjoyed hot or over ice without sacrificing the health benefits or flavor.


Texas Gold Rush - This Fair trade organic black tea with organic safflowers, organic marigold, organic cornflower and organic passion fruit flavors will remind you of the good ole days. It has a rich, golden red appearance and is exploding with energy. This makes a delicious iced tea, too!


Herbal/Tisanes Teas (caffeine-free)

Apple Cider Honeybush - Get ready for a spicy sweet blend. This special herbal honeybush tea has apple bits with cinnamon, chamomile flowers, orange peel, and licorice root. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this warm, cozy, caffeine free tea. If you love apple cider, this is the tea for you!


Butterfly Pea - The most fun herbal tea you will ever experience!  Used for centuries in Asia to boost memory, relieve tension and fight oxidative stress, this tea is also used to promote collagen growth for more radiant skin and healthier hair.  Add a lemon and watch the tea go from a vibrant blue to a rich purple in seconds!  No chemicals were used in the growing or drying process of this tea.  The color is 100% natural and can be enjoyed hot or over ice. (Caffeine-free)

Chamomile & Lavender - Egyptian chamomile has been used for centuries to relaxing the mind, calm the body and promote restful sleep. This beautiful chamomile blended with the relaxing powers of lavender is one of a kind with its "fluffy" flower bud tips and soothing, fragrant hints of sweetness. Nighty-night!

Cranberry Apple - If you love the sweet tart character of cranberry and the crunchy flavor of fresh apples, then you will love this blend! Apple pieces mixed with rosehip pieces, hibiscus petals, and all natural cranberry flavoring gives this blend an amazing autumnal flavor that the entire family will enjoy.

Egyptian Peppermint - Herbs have been used as teas for centuries. They can be used alone or blended with other herbs, fruit or true teas to give it a kick with extra antioxidants and flavor. Peppermint is naturally decaffeinated and has a distinct, invigorating aroma. This herb can also be used in many recipes from meat rubs to salad dressings and from dips to desserts! It's very versatile and SO good for you!

Fruit Medley - This caffeine free blend of delicious Apples, Apricots, Peaches and Rose Hips is sure to please the most any palate. Wonderful served hot or cold and great for kids!

Hibiscus Blossom - Rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, antioxidants and this herbal tea is consumed worldwide for its beautiful pink hue and the refreshing citric taste. Hibiscus has been proven to reduce hypertension, improve digestion, reduce bloating and is great for weight management as well as help maintain hydration levels for proper organ functions. Hibiscus tea can be enjoyed over ice or piping hot.

Immune Boost - Organic herb blend of peppermint, hibiscus, lemon grass, passion flower, St. John's Wort and Ginseng with organic lemon flavoring. Free of caffeine but loaded with mood lifting herbs and energizing antioxidants, this blend solves the afternoon energy crisis!

Lavender Rose - This enchanting herbal tea is not only good for you, its fruity, ripe berry notes balanced with lavender and rose petals is a total slice of heaven. The dry tea leaves are so festive and fragrant, they alone will knock your socks off! We believe this very impressive blend will simply take you away.

Mango Strawberry Heaven - A very special organic Rooibos tea has been blended with the juicy freshness of sun-ripened mango, sweet strawberry and just a hint of lemon grass for the perfect round-off. Iced or hot, this tea is delicious and visually it's a knockout! The unity of these unique flavors with a splash of delicate marigold blossoms is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Pecan Pie Rooibos - Pecan bits, pomegranate pieces, plum petals and Vanilla bean blend with the delicate honey notes of Rooibos tea create creamy caramel notes. This is a decadent dessert without the guilt!

Really Raspberry - This caffeine-free burst of raspberry in your cup is really as juicy & really as sweet as the fruit itself. Blend of raspberry bits, apple, hibiscus, rose hips and natural flavorings. Delicious hot or iced!

Sleepy Tea - Delicious caffeine-free herbal tea consisting of chamomile, valerian root and lemon balm. This combination of organic herbs is perfect for those having difficulty relaxing at night and prepping your body to get a restful night's sleep. One or two cups about an hour before bedtime will help relax your mind and provide a positive bedtime habit to promote restful sleep.  This tea can be enjoyed either hot or iced to best fit your nightly routine.

Strawberry Kisses - Ooh la la!! Rooibos mixed with dark and white chocolate bits and strawberries, this tea tastes just like a chocolate covered strawberry! (Contains trace amounts of dairy)

Tummy Tea - This custom blend of Anise, orange peel, ginger, bilberry leaf and peppermint is great for the upset tummy. Naturally caffeine free, this blend is great for an after-dinner tea to help calm your tummy and help with digestion while not keeping you awake all night.

Vanilla Rooibos - This South African Rooibos will make you want to call up your girlfriends and laugh the night away! Flavored with genuine Bourbon Vanilla this is a great complement to any dessert but it's certainly bold enough to stand on its own. This is one flirty Rooibos, my friends!

White Teas

Hibiscus Breeze - Citrus infused with rind-like quality is fresh and uplifting. Flavor is tangy, juicy and vibrant, with a slight dryness reminiscent of orange zest, tangy hibiscus flower and supported by smooth honeyed quality of the white tea.  This delicate sweet-tart tea can be enjoyed hot or over ice.


White Mango Pear - Our refreshing version of this tea blends the delicious flavor of mango with the sweet and tart flavors of a juicy pear to awaken your taste buds. This Fair Trade white tea from China is like dessert. If you're looking to have something light and decadent without the calories; here's your answer!


White Piña Colada - Organic Bai Mudan white tea, organic shredded coconut and organic pineapple bits make up this heavenly tea. White tea is known for its delicate taste and outstanding antioxidant powers. This smooth, sweet and tangy tea is like a healthy, beach vacation in every cup! It can be enjoyed hot or iced.


Green Teas

Cherry Sencha - If you are new to green tea this is a wonderful "introduction tea" to this healthily beverage that has been enjoyed around the world for almost 5,000 years. Our fair trade Sencha from Japan has been blended with Cherries to give it a spring time punch sure to entertain your taste buds.


Dragon’s Well - This traditional green tea from Hangzhou, Zhejiang is also known as Longjing. It produces a yellow-green liquor and a gentle, pure aroma with a rich flavor. It contains Vitamin C, amino acids and like most finer Chinese green teas, has one the highest concentrations of catechins among teas. As history states, Dragons Well is so fine a tea it was granted royal status as the "Imperial Tea" by the Qing Dynasty and has remained known as a quality tea for centuries.


Genmaicha - Literally translates to “brown rice tea”. Roasted rice is blended with a superb green tea from Japan. It’s sometimes referred to as “popcorn tea” because a few grains of the rice pop during the roasting process. It has the aroma of popcorn and all the health benefits of green tea with none of the buttered, popcorn calories! It’s perfect to enjoy any time of day; or with a great movie!


Hojicha - Green tea from Japan that is rendered dark brown through a roasting method. This tea has a toasty, nutty flavor and a slight mesquite note. The Earthy infusion has a warm quality with a soothing, clean finish that pairs wells with savory foods. Hojicha is mainly comprised of the stems that held the leaves used for Bancha tea and because of this, the caffeine content is considerably less than regular green tea. For those who are not fans of the grassy, vegetable taste that a lot of Japanese green teas have, this is your tea!


Jasmine Green - This fine, organic green tea from China has been infused with the delicate fragrance of jasmine flowers. The tea is dried while exposed to the blooming jasmine blossoms for several nights in a row to achieve the perfect balance of delicious green tea with the gentle hint of Jasmine.


Moroccan Mint - Aromatic and lively this tasteful, Gunpowder green tea blended with peppermint and spearmint is sure to please. It opens the senses and is nothing short of spectacular. The aroma is alive! This tea is great to enjoy after a meal to help with digestion and relaxation.


Strawberry Kiwi - Sencha green tea blended with organic strawberry bits and organic kiwi flavors to produce a delicious citrus treat. Slightly tart, and not too sweet, this tea is wonderful to enjoy hot or iced at any time!


Tropical Dream - The green tea delivers fresh notes of coconut, juicy pineapple and sweet creamy banana. The flavor is very clean, balanced and slightly citrus.  Blended with banana pieces, natural flavorings and bright safflower gives this beautiful tea a soothing finish.


Wild Raspberry Rose - Organic Green tea from China blended with sweet, wild raspberries and delicate rose buds produces a party in your cup! Loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C, this tea is delicious served hot or cold any time of day.


Matcha Green Teas

Blueberry Matcha - Premium Japanese matcha green tea blended with natural blueberry flavor and a hint of cane sugar.  Add a teaspoon to steamed almond milk for Blueberry Matcha Latte or bake into your favorite cookies!  You won’t believe that this tasty tea is high in antioxidants, EGCG, nutrients and vitamins. One teaspoon a day  has proven health benefits and can be enjoyed hot or iced. Check out our website for more matcha information, ideas and flavors.


Matcha - This culinary grade Japanese green tea has been milled to a fine, powder finish. Add a teaspoon of Matcha with hot water and steamed milk for a Hot Matcha or put it in the blender with ice and fresh fruit for a smoothie! The health benefits of Matcha exceed those of green tea because you ingest the whole leaf giving it the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea in terms of antioxidant content! There are no added colors, flavors or sugars in this organic Matcha.


Raspberry Matcha - Sweet and juicy raspberry flavor blended with Japanese matcha green tea without a single hint of tartness. The aroma of fresh, sun ripened raspberries will envelope your senses with each delicious sip. You won’t believe that this tasty tea is high in antioxidants, EGCG, nutrients and vitamins. One teaspoon a day has proven health benefits and can be enjoyed hot or iced. Check out our website for more matcha information, ideas and flavors.


Vanilla Matcha - Vanilla blended with matcha green tea from Japan and slightly sweetened with cane sugar. You won’t believe that this tasty tea is high in antioxidants, EGCG, nutrients and vitamins!  Experiment by baking a spoonful into your muffins, cupcakes or even cookies. A spoonful added to hot almond milk or soy milk makes a delicious treat.   Vanilla matcha can take an everyday recipe to new heights! Check out our website for more matcha information, ideas and flavors.


Oolong Teas

Apricot Oolong - This Apricot Oolong tea is a delightful paring of sweet, succulent apricot and a floral green oolong. Visually, the contrast of the golden orange apricot pieces intermixed with the dark green Tie Guan Yin oolong tea is beautiful. The floral and fruit aromatics are intoxicating and can be enjoyed hot or cold. And the taste profile of sweet and floral is delightful on the palate.


Coconut Oolong - Tropical and creamy coconut, with hints of a macaroon-like sweetness, blends wonderfully with the fruity and lilac floral notes of Taiwanese Bao Zhong organic oolong. This aromatic organic tea delivers a smooth finish that will have you coming back for more! The smooth sweetness of coconut makes this a wonderful treat that can be enjoyed hot or iced.


Hibiscus Blossom Oolong - This sweet, nutty and tart tea is not only refreshing but visually stunning. The bright red hue and delicate aroma will dance in your cup. This tea also makes a fabulous iced tea for those hot days ahead. Add sliced fruit to this tea in a clear glass pitcher and you are sure to have a party pleaser.


Honeysuckle Fig Oolong - The sweet scent of honeysuckle nectar together with cornflower petals and delicious dried figs is a pure delight. This organic oolong tea blend from Taiwan has a smooth finish and can be enjoyed hot or over ice.


Slimming Oolong - Deliciously SMOOTH tea that will help you drop the pounds! This Tie Guan Yin Oolong, also known as “Iron Goddess of Mercy” has been proven to increase your metabolism, help your body burn fat and block absorption of some fat in the intestines. It's also been tied to lowering the build-up of bad cholesterol and improving the strength of your teeth and bones. This Oolong can be steeped multiple times and takes milk and sweetener well.


Wuyi Rock Oolong - This semi-oxidized, rare oolong is hand plucked from Mount Wuyi in the Fujian region of China. With its earthy aroma, this classic tea has a smooth, nutty undertone and a clean finish. Sometimes referred to as “Monkey Picked Oolong,” this legendary tea has been a part of the Chinese tea culture for centuries.


Chai Teas

Houston Strong ChariTEA - True to Texas, we have a strong, black tea as the base of this unique creation. It has been artfully blended with orange peel, cardamom, turmeric, hibiscus, rose petal, clove, lavender and stevia leaf to produce a bold tea which can be enjoyed hot or cold. This True Leaf Tea Company special tea blend honors our Houston Astros and recognizes the diversity and strength of the people that make us Houston Strong.


Masala Chai - This award winning Organic and Fair Trade Chai took honors at the World Tea Expo bringing cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, allspice, orange peel and Organic Black Tea from Assam, India into the spotlight. If you are a latte lover you will enjoy this "bridge" beverage bringing coffee drinkers to the spicy side of tea.


Vanilla Mint Chai - Creamy, rich textured and inviting, this pu-erh based chai is unlike any other. Its delicate balance of silky and luscious vanilla bean, soothing peppermint, licorice root and sweet Saigon cinnamon transform this chai into something magical.


Pu-erh Teas

Blood Orange Pu-erh - This rich pu-erh is blended with blood orange, hibiscus, apple and papaya pieces. The smooth flavor of the Pu-erh is balanced by the fruity and tart hibiscus, sweet orange peel, and a refreshing array of citrus to produce a unique and refreshing pu-erh tea with a flavorful punch.

Ginger Pu-erh - The deep, smooth flavor of this tea is created through an artisanal fermentation process that transforms sun-dried green tea into ripened, full-bodied Pu-erh tea. By blending spicy organic ginger with the zesty notes of orange peel and the robust, full body of Pu-erh, an energizing tea experience is born! This tea can be enjoyed hot or on the rocks.

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