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"Everything here is scrumptious, especially the wonderful teas. My sandwich, the bread itself, the cookies were divine. It's a treat to have a real tea room in Bellaire."



"I recently visited Houston and had the pleasure of lunching @ McHughTea. Firstly, the atmosphere was very homely and well decorated. The store only carries organic teas and everything on the menu is baked/cooked from scratch. The owner (Kim McHugh) came by to see if everything was satisfactory and she was not only delightful but extremely knowledgeable in the subject of Teas and their health benefits. I sat there for over 2 hours, it was very enjoyable."

Cindy Lim


"I've been here for lunch on two occasions.  Such a lovely experience.  Servers are gracious and helpful.  Atmosphere is exceptional.  In a hectic world, McHugh Tea is so civilized.  I'll be a regular and highly recommend this spectacular tea room."

Diane Wynn


"Hidden gem!!! My mother-in-law took me here for lunch and we had a great time. Great atmosphere, friendly staff, and AMAZING pie!!! Each one homemade by the owner's mother this place is a rare find in a world of chain restaurants. If you can't decide on just one flavor of pie you can get a sampler "shooter" of 3 pies. Highly recommend."

Erin U. – Dallas, TX


"Just had my baby shower here and it was such a memorable experience. From the atmosphere, to the service, to the food - I am so happy we were able to celebrate at McHugh's.  It's a perfect baby or wedding shower venue.  I believe the price is very reasonable as well.  Can't wait to come just for lunch or afternoon tea!"

Cathleen F. – Houston, TX



"One of my favorite restaurants to eat at when I come to Houston. A delightful menu of salads, quiches and soups. Such a cozy and homey feel. Very nice staff and obviously an amazing variety of tea!"

Eden S. – Austin, TX


"I was recently in Houston for work, and needed a venue to host a breakfast reception with a couple of colleagues. A simple google search produced this place, and I couldn't be more satisfied. I will admit, I was hesitant at first because I saw no breakfast items on their online menu, and we wanted the event to begin early on in the day. Just a couple of emails back and forth and not only had the manager (owner?) agreed to open an hour early just for us, but she even sent us a customized breakfast menu that they could prepare for us- with lots of variety!

In getting there, I do like that while there was no one actually there yet, the manager was very flexible in allowing us to move around tables and chairs to our needs for the reception. The food they brought out was delicious- amazing quiches (try the Southwest!), and I had never had a scone with cream so that was certainly delightful. By the end of our reception, the manager was kind enough to leave the food out so that my colleagues and I could finally eat as we had forgotten to do so. :)  Cost was a lot more reasonable than what I am used to at hotels where I normally host such events.

All in all, this place is really a hidden gem and I will be coming back for my own meals. Didn't give it all 5 stars because I feel like I didn't try enough of the food or even the tea to warrant that, but I will absolutely recommend this for your next private party."

Fernando G. - Baltimore, MD

“Absolutely fabulous! We hosted a baby shower at the tearoom and the entire party raved about the food, service and ambiance. From planning the menu and gorgeous cake and teas to the considerate service, the event was nothing short of spectacular. My new favorite spot in Houston!”

Cheryl Littlejohn - Houston, TX


“This is a great place to relax, drink delicious teas, sample incredible pastry and have a quiet lunch or afternoon snack. Our favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato basil soup, always with a slice of homemade pie. Service is friendly and the setting is charming.”

designfan49 – Houston, TX


“Awesome selection of fresh teas made and mixed to your hearts desire. Buy in bulk or by the cup.”

Erin T. – Palo Alto, CA


“I was getting my car fixed at a nearby mechanic. I was there for four hours and the guy told me it would be another hour and half before my car would be ready. I was hungry and anxious. Being familiar with the area I knew there was a Burger King about a block away. So I began to walk there. As I'm walking I looked across the street and saw some "better" food options. McHugh Tea was the only one open and ready to serve for lunch. So I stopped in and ordered food and just relaxed. This was a serendipity surprise. The food was fresh and healthy. I ordered the lunch sandwich special with the chicken salad, fruit, and tomato basil soup. I also ordered their peach ice tea. It's such a cozy, cute place and friendly staff. They also sell cute little collectibles. This was just what I needed to relieve my frustrations. :) Now I have another restaurant to visit when I'm in Bellaire.”

RMcgr – Houston, TX


“I love this tea room. I have never liked tea and now Kim took me through the process and I love it! I love everything in there. So cute! now lets discuss those divine scones. omg! Never in my life. So good. Dewberry pie, out of this world. Service is impeccable. The entire staff is amazing. Cucumber sandwich was great and the minestrone soup was off the charts good. I take everyone there and  the atmosphere is so relaxing. The food is great. I go everyday for something. I tell my children if they cannot locate me go to the tea room, I will be in there drinking tea or eating. Also, one other thing, the décor is so darling. What a neat place!”

Kathy A. – Houston, TX


“Finally there is an authentic English tea room in Houston! Not only does it serve a traditional English tea, this gem in Bellaire offers home made delicious food, a great ambience, and incredible home made desserts/pies. A great place to have lunch or reserve their private room and bring your own wine to celebrate a special occasion. The soups are delicious and you can not leave with out trying one of their home made pies or cakes.”

Karen M – Houston, TX


“I absolutely Love McHugh Tea! I meet clients there often for Tea and or Lunch. The food is wonderful and the Teas are all fabulous! What a great place to meet and be treated with great service & great food! The atmosphere is so unique and everyone I bring loves it! Certainly Not your typical crowd of screaming kids and fast lunch rushing!”

Helen M. – Katy, TX


“Kim, I want to thank you for the wonderful class yesterday and for helping me shop, so I could make my own tea at home! I am sitting here enjoying my first cup of home-brewed tea in my new teacup with the cute polka-dot saucer. As I went along, I made a list of items that might make my tea time a little more special. Next time I'm in the shop, it will pull out my list! Thank you again for helping me start my tea journey!”

 Cynthia Cook - Houston, TX


“Wow. I know I called yesterday and left a message about how amaaaaazing it was, but I just had the rest for breakfast (yes, at 1:30) with another cranberry orange scone. Oh my God, it is soooo wonderful. I just had to tell you again.  I'll be very disappointed if there is no pineapple orange marmalade next time I visit!!!”

Niki DeMaio - Houston, TX


“I love this tea shop, they are very friendly and I have tried almost everything on the menu and have not been disappointed! Their scones are the best I've ever had-- All flavors are delicious. I have also attended all of their cooking with tea classes and find that I always learn something, besides having great teas and food during the class. The owner knows everything about teas and has "reverse engineered" several teas I have brought in from other sources. The baked potato soup is also one of my favs-- so creamy, awesome comfort food. I also love their chicken salad, not too goopy like some others that have too much mayo. The southwestern quiche is also delicious, it has pulled pork and veggies, a hearty lunch option! The staff is always smiling and eager to please you. If you need cream or honey or whatever for tea, just ask, their teas stand alone, so no need to do anything to them. My favorite lunch and tea location!”

Carla H. - Bellaire, TX        



“Today I had the pleasure of dining at McHugh Tea with 8 of my lady friends.  What a wonderful experience!  We arrived at 11:30 and they easily accommodated our large group.  The decor immediately caught my eye as well as my guest.  We loved the black and white framed pictures of famous people such as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, George Clooney (the list goes on) all drinking tea.  The place has incredible charm and it's definitely not your typical tea room.   We decided to sample the Jasmine Green tea which turned out to be an excellent choice.  We also sampled the scones with jam.  The blueberry scones were so moist and they melted in your mouth.  I have tasted scones at other tea rooms and have found them to be dry.  This was definitely not the case for their scones.  We all could have eaten a plate full.  My group ordered a variety of different items from the menu.  I ordered the pulled pork quiche.  Once again, it was so moist.  The pork literally melted in your mouth.  It was loaded with flavor.  The creamy cilantro dressing for my salad was bursting with flavor.  you could almost drink it.  My friends enjoyed their chicken salad and homemade chicken and vegetable soups.  The chicken salad was the right combination of flavors and thank goodness not smothered in mayo. It was perfect.   I would highly recommend McHugh Tea!  I plan to dine again but hope to experience their high tea for my next visit.  This is a great place for lunch but would also be a great place for a ladies bunko or bridge, a bridal or baby shower or for a high tea with your lady friends.  I am considering having a tea party with my daughter and her friends.  What a great opportunity to dress up.”

Teresa V. - Sugar Land, TX        



“I have been to McHugh Tea on a few occasions and have yet to be disappointed.  The ambiance is warm, friendly, and interesting. You can choose from over 30 different teas steeped to perfection.   Though the organic loose leaf tea is the main attraction, the food is quite phenomenal too.   My personal favorites are the chicken and veggie sandwiches, pie shooters, with Chai or Moroccan Mint tea.  It's great place to sip your tea alone, with friends or even on a date. Stop by and enjoy!”

K C. - Houston, TX



“I've been excited about trying out this new venue in Bellaire as I live only blocks away.  Though I had read a few negative comments here, I had heard a great review from a friend and so went for the first time yesterday for lunch. I loved it!  They've really done a great job with the interior - lots of interesting things to look at while you dine.  The owner and the waitress who served us were both extremely friendly, inviting and helpful.   I had the chicken sandwich and chose a salad instead of soup as a side, so I had plenty of greens.  (Another reviewer complained a little about not enough greens.)  Both were very tasty and perfect portions for me.  My friend had the quiche and also the triple shot glass dessert and raved about the home made, (reportedly 100 yr old recipe), piecrust on all 3.  I loved the lemon meringue pie but will definitely go for the triple dessert sampler the next time I go!  My friend got chocolate pie, butterscotch pie and a fabulous shortbread cookie (made with tea) and ice cream that were delicious. I can't comment on the pricing as I was treated to this fun outting by my friend.  But regardless, it will definitely become a new regular for me and my friends and family!  McHugh: so glad you came to Bellaire!”

Barbara R. - Bellaire, TX



“Awesome place!!!  Love love love.  Have been numerous times and enjoy it more and more.  Happy to have found this lovely gem”

Jodi C. - Houston, TX



“My wife and I really like this place.  I love the food (comfort, but delicious) and the atmosphere is pretty cool.  My wife loves the decor:  The lights are made of tea cups and it's decorated very nicely, and comfortably.... just like the food.  I was never a huge tea fan, but the teas that I have had here are good.  My wife loves tea, so she's in heaven whenever we go.  It appears that the place is relatively new, but they seem to have everything pretty well worked out.  Overall, five stars.  You should check this place out.”

Jeff S. - Austin, TX



“Loved it! The scones are delicious and my meal was perfect! I cannot wait to return for High Tea! Highly recommend!!”

Bonnie W. - Houston, TX



“I was invited to meet a friend at a "new tea room to die for" which I found very unlikely living in Texas. The closest I have came to reasonable Tea was Starbucks on a good day. Whoever thought of going for a High Tea in Houston...come one! you are kidding right!  So, I dragged myself from my office down to Bellaire....Maybe if it was Bellaire, Hollywood, I would have been more prepared, but Bellaire, Texas. NO! I don't think so, but being a good friend I decided to keep my mouth shut and keep calm, as they say in London. OMG!  How quaint!  Great location, fantastic design, Where the Hell have I been transported to.....My first impression was the front door was a portal to a Dr Who set. Who designed this place..I love it.  Word travels fast....Hmmm no tables, but it is worth waiting to see if the food is as good as the  decor. Eventually, we got seated and the menu came out....Not too exciting! in fact, pretty basic - salads, sandwiches, soup, scones, pies...nothing to write home about. OK...Let's order the lunch special. How about Tea, I thought...The owner came over and gave me 10 minutes of tea education....I chose green, but with aromatic, organic herbs.... Then the food arrived....looked OK, tasted real good. What is in this quiche crust? I want to lick the plate but felt guilty . I wanted more.Lets have another round of Tea I said....and bring me some pie...I felt like a 15 year old. The waitress brought me a "Pie Shooter"  three large mouthfuls of pie...again, the same addictive pie crust....Is there dope or crack in this crust I asked, as I licked my lips like a puppy!  There is no way I would share desserts in this place, not even for Brad Pitt.    Believe me when I say I'll BE BACK”

Janet B. - Dallas, TX



“I travel extensively through the US and have the opportunity to try various types of restaurants. After a while, they all start tasting the same. McHughTea provided Quick service, amazing food and a very unique experience for the Texas area.”

Lisa S. - Charlotte, NC



“Wow, McHugh's is my spot in Bellaire!  I had a massive water leak in my house and kitchen was under construction for about two weeks, so my children and I literally ate at McHugh's almost every night and on the weekends.  The food is delicious and there is something for everybody.  The desserts are fascinating and fabulous!  Miss Billie makes something wonderful everyday.  Kim McHugh is charming, as is Zac her Manager.   My family and I tell all of our friends about this wonderful place in Bellaire, TX!  We are also VIP's in her tea cabinet as well.  Be sure to ask about that special!”

Cathy D. - Bellaire, TX



“The variety of tea is amazing. My favorite is chocolate chai. I love the southwest quiche and the chicken salad! The scones and pies are delicious! (I was lucky enough to go there on their Grand Opening day so I got to sample several menu items.) This place is a hit! Cheers to the happy years ahead.”

Sara C. - Cypress, TX



“This is the perfect place to meet family, friends or clients for a nice lunch and a pot of tea! I have been there several times already and I drive from Katy! Well worth the drive!!! I have referred other people that all loved it too! The Teas are of course the Best and the food is so fresh and amazing! It is so beautifully decorated and has the perfect "Tea" atmosphere!!!  I find something new to love every visit! If you have not had the pleasure of dining there yet, Please go & spread the word of how wonderful it is! It is my new favorite place!!!! Cheers!”

Helen M. - Katy, TX



“I stopped by during the soft opening.  The crowd had dissipated in the early evening.  This was a perfect time to sit down, sip some tea and take it all in.  The vibe is smooth and comforting.  The tea selection is quite GRAND and I love how the loose teas are displayed in the shiny silver tins behind the bar.  I have been ordering her teas on line since the inception of TruLeaf.  There are so many delicious teas with very distinct flavors it can be overwhelming.  A helpful hint if you are not sure what to order, speak to the owner.  Kim is wonderfully versed in the world of tea.  It is a true delight to feel her passion as she helps guide you through the selections.  Regarding food, I tried the green salad and organic chicken side.  The greens were crisp, the chicken well flavored and the cilantro dressing gave it just the right amount of zing.  My girlfriend tried the homemade vegetable soup.  The cup was filled with chunky veggies and the broth was not overdosed with sodium.  For dessert, we were too late.  The Matcha Brownie and  Coconut Pie were "86'd".  What a wonderful reason to return :)  Good luck with this new tea room!”

Linda N. - Houston, TX



“I just went there - very early in the day so we were the only ones there. I hope they make it so I am writing this review to give it a little boost! :) The owner of the place was extremely nice and asked how everything was as we were leaving. A nice, much needed place in Bellaire! Cute little things to browse too. I loved the kitty stuff:) And the lamps made out of teacups, which the owner said she had made them herself. Terrific.:)”

Ana B. - Houston, TX


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